Spring Sports: Stress Less, Care More

During spring it gets crazy with school projects, spring musicals to practice for, reports to finish and last but not least, spring sports! During this time not only are you trying to stay sane but wanting to be there for your kids in the midst of all the running. Here are a few things you can do to stress less and care more during spring sports.


The biggest thing you can do for the kids, not only for your sanity, but to guide them towards self-sufficiency, is to plan ahead and prep to keep on track for upcoming practices and games. The night before, have them grab their sports bag, lay out uniforms, sports equipment, proper shoes, don't forget those socks - especially now that we've hit flip flop season!  And last but not least, make sure to put in a refillable water bottle and healthy snack(s) i.e. granola bar, jerky, nuts, fruit, etc. because no one wants to put a kid on the field with an empty tank, so to speak.

Take time:

Say what?! Ain't no one got time for that! But you do...it takes typically 10-15 minutes to get to where you have to be. Use that time! If you're unable to attend every practice or game give your kids your "time"- i.e. take the time to check in: ask them about their day, ask if they remembered their gear, have a listening ear…


Sports are competitive. Some people will play better than your kid. That's life in the sports world and the real world, at that. Encourage your child, don't pander to their disappointment but build them up to try their best and be the better person, to not let their mistakes define them. Encourage them and let them know that you're proud of them and their accomplishments - big or small.

Have a Wonder Bag:

You're probably confused, what is a wonder bag? A wonder bag is this mom's secret weapon. If you know me, I'm typically (75% of the time) prepared for anything and a wonder bag is the answer. “I'm thirsty mom,” -here's a water bottle. “My hands are sticky” -here's a baby wipe. “I'm hungry” -here's a snack, “I have a cut: -here's a band-aid, “I'm bored” -here's a toy, paper and pen, iPad, whatever! So grab a favorite bag (I switch between reusable bags and canvas) and put in those things that keep your kids going (and you sane). Psst…Don't forget the chocolate!

Here's to stress-less days, soaking up some sun (don't forget the sunscreen!), and rooting for the home team!

About the authorRebekah is a dance teacher, mother of two and a creative soul. She enjoys cooking, baking and creating with fabric and paper.