Pack the Perfect Care Package for Your Favorite Camper

Swimming in the lake, canoeing, competing on Field Day. S’mores and sleepovers under the stars with the best friends you’ll ever make. Oh, the joys of a delightful summer spent away at camp! As parents we know we’ll miss them like crazy, but we would never want to rob them of the experience. Sending your camper a special care package at the halfway point of camp is a great way to remind your kiddo that you are thinking about him, and something he can look forward to year after year. Here are a few things you may want to include. I call this my “Magic Formula of Three.”

Something Tasty

Even though your favorite camper is probably chowing down daily on some delicious camp grub, a little taste of home is always appreciated. Always check with your specific camp to make sure it’s okay before sending anything sweet like cookies or candy — some camps have rules against this kind of thing, and you’d hate to get your camper in trouble! In lieu of something sweet, you could always send your kiddo’s favorite healthy snack, or a brand new, reusable water bottle/thermos to use at camp is always another fun option.

Something Stylish

You probably packed a plethora of cute but practical outfits in your camper’s trunk before sending her away this summer. But if she’s anything like me, I was tired of wearing the same shirts and shorts over and over a couple weeks into camp. Why not surprise her with something new and stylish to wear? If you don't want to send a new outfit, you could always send a new pair of sunglasses, or a new swimsuit, or a new hat —you get the idea. It’s whatever your individual child would most enjoy receiving while away at camp.

Something Fun

I always loved receiving new books in my care packages when I was a camper. Most camps have a quiet time of some sort (ours was every day after lunch), and as both a former camper and camp counselor, I know that it’s super helpful for kiddos to have something to keep them busy during this time (if they’re not napping). Books, crayons and coloring pages, or a friendship bracelet making kit are all fantastic options. It doesn’t have to be anything big; it really is the thought that counts. Your camper will be overjoyed to know that you cared enough to send it.

Don’t Forget a Sweet Handwritten Note!

A handwritten note is an essential part of the care package fun. Maybe you jot a quick note, thanking your child for being the wonderful kiddo she is. Maybe you tell her all the things you love about her. Perhaps you just fill her in on what’s going on at home. You don’t have to write a novel. Your little one will simply appreciate hearing you miss her and can’t wait to see her. Bonus: you’re stressing the importance of handwritten communication, a dying art!

About the author…Born and raised in southeast Texas, Jessica currently lives in Billings, Montana with her husband, her two year old daughter Savannah, and their newest addition, one year old Emma Kate. Jessica graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. By day, Jessica works as a licensed Realtor, and moonlights as a freelance writer/photographer for several businesses around town.