Earth Day DIY: Reclaimed Shelf

Earth Day is upon us, and one of my favorite ways to push myself is by using old materials in a new way.  Thinking outside the box stretches creativity.  Turning reclaimed wood into various functional pieces is a great way to save something from the trash.  To add function to our small entry, I built a slim shelf to store necessities without taking up valuable floor space.

Earth Day DIY: Reclaimed Shelf

I started with old cedar siding boards, then removed the rough surface with 80 grit sandpaper.  For a smooth finish, I followed up with 220 grit.  When using reclaimed wood, I like to leave remnants of the previous life.  Blue paint in the knot holes add character and a little interest.

To construct the shelf, I cut three boards down to 36 inches long; two for the top and bottom and another for the back.  The sides are two pieces of 6 inch material.  All square cuts and super simple.  Assembly was as easy as squaring up the corners and nailing through the faces of each board.  I followed up with a coat of teak oil to enhance the grain.

Securing it to the wall took a few screws into studs.  Having two shelves leaves the top open for decorative items, while the bottom holds keys, sunglasses, stamps, and a bowl of found treasures from the boys.  Hanging a floating shelf left room for a small stool below and still ample room to move around.

About the author…Amanda Bowe is a mom to two boys, a DIYer, crafter, and thrift store addict.  She is also the author of Our Humble Abode, a blog dedicated to all things home improvement and DIY.