Baby Registry Must-Haves

Hooray you’re pregnant! It’s time to register for baby gifts! And prepare physically, mentally, spiritually – and mostly financially – for your new addition. But let’s be honest here. The real reason most of us endure baby shower after baby shower (when all we really want is to be home eating a gallon of ice cream in our pajamas) is for all the free stuff. And also for the cake, but that’s another story.

So what should you include on your all-important baby registry list? You’re obviously going to want the basics: baby furniture, bedding, a bouncer or swing – this is where your little one will probably spend his first six months of life, when he decides on occasion to go to sleep – and a safe, reliable car seat that’s compatible with your stroller system. (We love this one, available locally at The Joy of Kids.) But we thought it would be fun to share a few items you might not have thought of yourself, right off the bat. Here are our Baby Registry Must-Haves.

A sweet, snuggly toy for baby

One of my very favorite baby gifts I received at my shower was a Blabla doll. (Her name is Lilipop and she is the cutest little frog I have ever seen.) Blabla makes handmade knit dolls and other whimsical lovelies. They are also committed to fair trade and environmental awareness – you’ve gotta love that! Blablas are perfect for sweet baby snuggles now, and make fabulous childhood companions for many years to come. You have to put at least one or two just-for-fun items on your registry. It can’t all be diapers and wipe warmers. While lugging a value-sized tub of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste into the party is greatly appreciated, it isn’t nearly as fun as showing up with a Blabla.

Available locally at The Joy of Kids (West End Billings) and Ca-Layla (Downtown Billings).

An ultra-soft stroller blanket

Little Giraffe makes some of the softest, most luxurious baby items on the planet. And their baby blankets are no exception. There’s really no comparison. Little Giraffe has a huge celebrity following, and it’s easy to see why. The blankets come in a variety of textures, colors, and patterns.  You’re going to need at least one nice blanket for baby’s first outings, newborn pictures – they make fantastic props – and all-around general baby comfort. Your little one will love (and probably cart everywhere) his Little Giraffe blanket for many, many years. LG also makes other baby goodies like security blankets, stuffed, animals, and layette items (mix and match infant clothing). These also make wonderful registry additions.

Available locally at The Joy of Kids (West End Billings) and Gainans (Downtown Billings).

Something special for mama

I am just going to come right out and say it; I am head-over-heels in love with my Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. (In fact, I loved the first one so much that I had to purchase a second.) Petunia Pickle Bottom creates stylish, well-crafted products for modern mommies-on-the-go. PPB is beloved for their bold graphic prints and their incredible attention to detail. They even come with a portable changing pad that zips right out of the bottom – mind blown, people. Everything else on your registry is for baby. You deserve a little something special that’s just for you. You’re bringing a new life into this world, and then raising it for at least 18 years. I think you’ve earned it. So don’t feel bad about including a really nice bag, or a nice piece of commemorative jewelry on your registry.

Available locally at The Joy of Kids (West End Billings) and Gainans (Downtown Billings).

Swaddles, Burps, and Bibs

Brooklyn based Aden +Anais is probably one of the coolest baby product companies around. They make some really awesome baby necessities. They are also big proponents of breathable, cotton muslin. Swaddle blankets, bibs, and burp cloths are baby registry staples. If you want to sleep, you’ve got to swaddle. They even make dummy-proof swaddling blankets. (I’m allowed to say this because I had to use them.) These are ideal for “Houdini babies” – those babies that can escape from a swaddle, any swaddle, in five seconds or less.  And their multi-purpose burpy bib cloths are life-changing. First, it protects mom’s shoulder from some super nasty spit-up after feeding. Then, it protects baby’s cute, miniature sized outfits during meal time because it’s basically a smock. And it snaps, no Velcro. Much more difficult for baby to remove herself. And that’s important. You’ll see. They make a wide variety of products, in tons of bright, cheerful prints. You’ll probably want to register for one of everything.

Available locally at The Joy of Kids (West End Billings), Ca-Layla (Downtown Billings), Gainans (Downtown Billings), and Target.

About the author...Born and raised in southeast Texas, Jessica currently lives in Billings, Montana with her husband, her two year old daughter Savannah, and their newest addition, one year old Emma Kate. Jessica graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. By day, Jessica works as a licensed Realtor, and moonlights as a freelance writer/photographer for several businesses around town.