Conquering Dry Skin in a Montana Winter

by KayDel Shelton

The Myrtle Leaf: All Natural Skin Care

WOW!  its been another interesting winter here in Montana!  Bitter cold one week and sunny the next!  Extreme temperature fluctuations can tease your skin into a state of confusion that leaves it dry and unbalanced.

As the largest organ of the body, our skin has many important functions such as protecting, detoxing and circulating fluids.  This amazing organ is quite capable of caring for itself under normal situations but when faced with outside “influences” such as indoor heating; hot, frequent showers; irritating heavy fabrics laced with detergents and softeners and bitter cold, dry air, the skin’s natural defenses begin to lose their fight and need a little assistance.  This is where “skin care” comes in.

This month we are discussing skin care for dry skin due to winter weather conditions.  I love how experts will tell us to not take hot showers because it dries the skin.  Hello, it’s cold outside and a hot shower is relaxing and warming to the body!

So, TIP ONE:  Go ahead with your hot shower but use a botanical oil (Olive, Safflower, etc) on the body parts that do not need daily cleansing, (i.e arms, legs, torso), INSTEAD of body wash or soap.  Soaps strip the natural oils of the skin leaving it unprotected and dry.

TIP TWO:  Pat dry after showering or bathing and immediately apply a body moisturizer that contains botanical oils (Olive,

Safflower, Calendula), natural waxes (Bees wax, Stearic Acid) and vegetable glycerin.  The list of ingredients should NOT be long and you should understand what each ingredient is and why it is in your lotion!  Thoroughly massage these rich nutrients INTO the skin.

TIP THREE:  For your face, cleanse only at night with a gentle cleanser that contains oil and follow with a nutrient-rich water product such as a Mist or Toner and then apply a moisturizer or two that are again, rich in botanical oils like Organic Jojoba, Kukui Nut and Seabuckthorn.  The addition of rich butters like Avocado and Shea Butters is especially beneficial during Winter months.  Avoid petrochemicals (PEGs, mineral oils, etc) and silicones as they lack nutrients and essential fatty acids.  Take the time to completely massage these moisturizers deep into the skin leaving it soft and supple.  For morning, repeat this process without the cleansing.  Over cleansing strips the skin and disrupts its own natural balance.

Finally, read ingredient labels on your skin care products BEFORE purchasing!  If you have questions about a particular ingredient, ask the person selling the product.  Get answers because you are responsible for caring for your body’s largest organ!  Feel free to email me with ingredient questions:  info@myrtleleaf.com

About the Author...KayDel Shelton has been formulating all natural skin care products for over 15 years here in Montana.  She started her company to meet her own skin care needs after exhausting her options in the market place.  Eight years ago, she and her family moved from Kalispell to Billings where she now lives with her husband of 25 years, Randy.  After nearly 16 years building a successful business, KayDel continues to make each and every product herself with the freshest ingredients at maximum potency to ensure her customers and herself safe, effective skin care products.  KayDel continuously scrutinizes beauty industry making her an excellent source of information regarding skin care ingredients, formulations and applications.  She can be reached by emailing info@myrtleleaf.com or by calling 406-839-0166.