Boxes, Bins, Shelves- oh my! How to Organize Your Kid's Room

Christmas has come and gone and a new year is here. The New Year brings with it the push to do, go, be yet here I am, just trying to cross my floor that is covered with all the new toys my kids got for Christmas- What to do!?

I have two kids at home who share a room and I'm constantly trying to keep it neat. When it comes to keeping a child's room neat it's hard when they dismiss all sense of order and tidiness in it. Reading a book, turns into 25 books on the floor. Let's play dress up, no wait...let’s play grocery store...no, dragons...or how about baby dolls. Even better, let's play it all! At this time I just take a deep breath and let them be kids and enjoy their wonderful imagination as they play among the chaos. But then comes the time for cleanup, so here are a few steps to help keep your kids' rooms in order and stress free:

How to Organize Your Kid's Bedroom in 4 Simple Steps

Take the time:

Teach your kids to clean by cleaning up with them. You will thank yourself later when your kids are putting their own things away!


Before true sorting can begin, throw out the garbage i.e. broken toys, silly party favors, kid's meal toys etc. Sort your kids' toys into groups or sets. If you find you have singular random toys your kids do play with, set aside and make a miscellaneous bin. Depending on your unused toys, before sending them off to donate to the thrift shop, check with your friends or school if they have need.


I cannot stress enough how crucial it is for kids' rooms to have storage.

Invest in either closet shelving or those great furniture cubicles with pullout bins. Plastic shoe boxes are great (and inexpensive too) for those little toy sets (Legos, Polly Pockets, cars etc.). For bigger items or toy sets I use bigger plastic boxes or baskets. Labeling bins is a great help too, if you can't see the contents (and as a reminder for the kids when it’s time for cleanup).


Be sure to store toys where your kids can get at them and put them away. Those special toys that may need assistance, store higher up so they have to ask to get to them.

No matter the method, give every toy a place; IT IS THE KEY to keeping your kids' or any room, for that matter, in order and organized. Nothing is better than going into the wreck of your kids' room and being able to help them clean up in less than 10 minutes simply by saying, "Put it in the box/bin it goes in and/or put it back on the shelf where you got it."

Your floors are clear; now do, go, be- Here's to 2015 and a cleaner tidier room!

About the author...This is Rebekah's first blog with the Simply Family team. She is a dance teacher and mother of two. She is a creative soul and enjoys cooking, baking and sewing.