Join the Fun: SFM Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

In the November issue of Simply Family Magazine, we put forth a challenge before our readers…Throughout the month, dear reader, you’ve been invited to form teams and take part in a Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt that could potentially last you the whole month through. Just because we’ve had our first snow doesn’t mean we should be banished inside, does it? We say, goodness no!

So, grab your smartphones (bundle up) and snap your way through our Scavenger Hunt list. As you go, post your favorites to Instagram and tag them #sfmtimebeforeturkey. The first team to complete all of the items on the list wins! The winning team will be featured in a blog, here, on the website. Simply email your completed list to localevents@simplyfamilymagazine.com, subject: SFM Scavenger Hunt.


  1. One team member with a pumpkin sitting on a neighborhood porch
  2. 2 or more team members posing (jumping exuberantly) in fallen leaves
  3. A team member asking a neighbor for a “forgotten ingredient”
  4. A team member enjoying a pumpkin-flavored ______________________
  5. A team member displaying the coolest pine cone you can find
  6. Capture team members throwing a football (don’t hit the photographer!)
  7. A team member posing with the November issue of Simply Family Magazine at your favorite park in Billings
  8. Team member(s) photo bombing a Thanksgiving-themed decoration
  9. A team member with early Christmas decorations in the background
  10. 2 or more team members posing like a tree in front of tree
  11. Capture a team member doing something nice for someone
  12. Two or more team members enjoying a mug of hot chocolate – bonus points for the best whip cream mustache
  13. One or more team members with a turkey (This could be during prep, at the grocery store, on the table, on the farm, a cardboard cutout…Get creative!)
  14. Catch a team member in the after-Thanksgiving dinner nap
  15. A team picture at your favorite local landmark

SFM Scavenger Hunt Printable

Be sure to pop by the SFM website at end of the month to check out some of our favorite pics that were posted to Instagram during the month, and to scope out the winning team in all their glory!

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