Fall Decorating DIY: Pumpkin Decorating

Pumpkins are popping up everywhere this time of the year, adding them to your fall decor just makes sense. Especially with the abundance of creative ideas for making them uniquely yours.  Why not try a fun, carve free method to personalizing them?  This can be done with real or artificial pumpkins and the options for customization are as endless as your imagination! Here’s a look at two of my DIY pumpkin creations.

 Supplies needed:

  • Pumpkins  (artificial or real)
  •  Hot glue gun
  • Black paint and paintbrush
  • Stencil or painters tape
  • Rhinestones, buttons or embellishments

For the chevron pumpkin:

  1. I decided to try a stencil to paint my lines on. Another option that may result in more precise lines would be to tape off the your lines. (I learned this the hard way.) Tape the stencil in place or tape off lines.
  2. Using your paintbrush, begin painting between the lines.
  3. Remove stencil or tape when dry and enjoy your custom, geo inspired pumpkin!

 For the embellished pumpkin:

Ready, one easy step…

1. Glue embellishments on with a hot glue gun. (I told you this was easy)

I love that I can bring these out long before we hit the pumpkin patch for the real pumpkins. As much as we enjoy carving them, I have to admit some years it doesn’t happen. A fun idea for the front porch would be to drill holes in an artificial one and put some mini lights in it. Use a battery operated set and you have a great, lighted pumpkin you could bring out year after year.  I think I found my next project...