If you enjoyed the Disney planning article…here is a little more information!

Additional Fun on a Disneyland Trip!

If your schedule allows time for extending your Disneyland Vacation there’s so much to do in the surrounding areas. Here are some places our family visited that were a huge hit!

 Legoland California- We all loved the life size Lego displays, amusement rides and sea life aquarium. There were rollercoasters as well as smaller rides for the kids.   The highlight for our son was the Star Wars exhibits! They have a waterpark there as well that we didn’t get the time to explore. I wasn’t too upset about this since it was a cloudy, cooler type of day. If you do plan to go to the waterpark, you may want to go in the afternoon after you have explored the dry areas of the park first.

 Sea World-We loved watching the Whale show and sitting in the splash zone with our ponchos on. They had a fantastic Cirque De La Mer show, which was my personal favorite experience there. Watching Acrobats flying above the water was beautiful! The kids loved watching the seals at feeding time! I had a bit of a hard time with the fish smell. They also have a kid’s area called the Sesame Street Bay of Play. It was full of little rides and a jungle gym that was a huge hit with the kids. My advice in Sea World is not to go on the Water rides at the beginning of the day. If you don’t want to walk around the whole day with wet clothing, wet hair and mascara running down your face, save these rides for the end of the day. I took advantage of the strategically placed hat shop at the end of the water ride.

 San Diego Zoo Safari Park- This day was much more laid back for us. We went on a caravan Safari. We were able to view Zebras, Rhinos, Elephants and Giraffes along with several other animals we would have to travel to Africa to see.  My husband really wanted to try their flight safari. It was a zip line style view of the park. We didn’t end up doing that since the caravan safari was more appropriate for our family.  We ended this day with plenty of time for a nap and a dip in the hotel pool.

The ocean- We finished up our final day in La Jolla at the beach. This was a fantastic experience that we didn’t leave enough time for. Our son was fascinated with the water. Even though he didn’t have a swimsuit on he was completely soaked in a matter of seconds. I have never seen his smile as wide as it was that day. Our daughter was perfectly content sitting with her feet in the sand on the beach by my side and searching for seashells. This was the perfect way to finish up our vacation in sunny California.

All this talk about California makes me want to start planning our next visit!  I hope you find our experiences helpful for your family vacation! Happy Travels!