Creating a Mom Sanctuary

Moms: queen of the household, chauffeur, nurse, counselor, caretaker, chef and so much more. Mother’s Day is looming (it’s Sunday, May 11, 2014 in case it’s not on your radar), so we’re putting our focus solidly on the mamas as we explore how to create a “Mom Sanctuary,” a space and place just for her.

Mom Sanctuary: A place for mom to go or be to unwind, catch her breath, take a moment, perhaps just go to the bathroom alone…

First, allow me to take you through my journey of how I stumbled upon creating a mom sanctuary:

Without even realizing what was happening last summer I began contemplating (out loud) the ill-used nature of our screened porch. My husband, who once in the know about a particular desire on my heart, will work diligently to make it happen…Sans housecleaning. (A girl can’t have everything now, can she?) The result of those musings and wonderings was a haven. A sanctuary, if you will, not only for me, but for our family as a whole.

When my daughter was just a wishful thought and a hope on my heart, I had visions of swinging hours away together on a porch swing, so the first thing to go up in my mom cave was the swing that had sat listlessly in our garage for years. Next came the “special touches.” Small jars filled with sand and seashells I’d been collecting from various beaches for years (the jars were Dollar Store finds, FYI), a sign welcoming love, laughter, and friends (another steal thanks to a 50% off coupon from Hobby Lobby), a cross my husband made out of horseshoes for me…It all came together to create a space that manages to magically lift whatever’s weighing me down and bring me a sense of peace every time I walk through the door – even if it’s just to swing a couple of swings. It’s what I think every mama should have – a place to escape to and breathe and just be - whether it’s a permanent space or simply turning her bathroom into a family-free spa zone.

Creating Your Mom Sanctuary:

  • The “Throne” – You’re the queen of your house so your Mom Sanctuary certainly needs a throne. In my case it’s a combo package of swing and the comfy chairs surrounding my little table. No matter what you choose, chair, couch, swing…it should be comfortable.
  • The Purpose – Ideally your space will be able to function in whatever capacity you need it to: write, pay bills in peace, relax, read, sew, do yoga…So be sure to include details that will cover those needs. (Desk/table, organizational baskets, bins, and boxes).
  • The Décor – This room is a reflection of you and the things that matter most as you choose the special touches to decorate your space. Ideally these are things that mark the space as yours and lift your spirits when you look at them.

Whether you lay the groundwork this Mother’s Day weekend or not, give yourself permission to create this space to call your own. Revel in it, find peace in it, rejuvenate so that you can be the best version of you for your family. Happy Mother’s Day!

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