TWIRP is in the air: 10 creative ways to ask a boy to TWIRP

What was once a Sadie Hawkins dance has, over time, evolved into: TWIRP, MORP, Girls’ Choice…Take your pick, but around town in Billings, it’s typically known as a TWIRP - The Woman Is Required to Pay – dance, and it’s getting to be about that time of year again. It’s the same basic principle as the Sadie Hawkins dance of back in the day with the girls doing the asking, just like at Grandma’s Sadie Hawkins, only in this day and age of instant technology and the desire to create something so spectacular that if shared it goes ‘viral,’ the pressure is on for girls to get creative when it comes down to the asking.

Taking a quick trip to history class, the Sadie Hawkins dance originates from the 1930s Li’l Abner comic strip character, Sadie Hawkins. In the strip, November 13 was declared Sadie Hawkins day, and on this day a race was held where the bachelors got a short head start and then all the single ladies would take chase. If she caught herself a man, then he had to marry her.  -Holiday Insights

So endeth the lesson.

Now obviously, the girls aren’t proposing marriage, but in the end it’s still the girls doing the chasing, so to speak. With a go big or go home kind of attitude, girls are really taking their invitations to the next level, while some are left simply mustering up the courage to invite her dream date. Ultimately, though, each girl is searching for the perfect way to ask her very own McDreamy.

So we did some digging around the web and asking of actual teens and came up with a pretty solid list of suggestions for the ladies. After you’ve made your way through our list, be sure to swing by the comments and share your tales of TWIRP invitations gone right. (Or wrong…Hey, it happens).

10 Creative ways to ask a boy to TWIRP:

  1. The car – Several of our teens said they’ve seen girls ask boys by writing on his car with a window marker and thought this was one of the cutest of the cute ideas.
  2. Another Park City teen suggested decorating his locker and at the center of it, your request that he go to the dance with you. Along the same line, attach a balloon to his locker that says “Pop this,” with a note asking him to the dance inside.
  3. Is there a certain cartoon or superhero he digs? Pick a theme and tie a note to it asking him to the dance.
  4. The text – Send a pic to him with you holding a sign asking him to the dance – preferably in a pretty sweet location.
  5. Food! Give him/send him a pizza or cookie or cupcakes with the toppings doing the asking.
  6. Flash Mob – Depending on how bold and dramatic you and your guy are, you could do this one of two ways. An actual, in the moment flash mob, ending in you asking him to the dance. OR Get your peeps together and do a video version to send him in a private message.
  7. Ransom a favorite item of his – Snag his favorite sunglasses or hat and leave a fun and flirty note that says, “If you ever want to see your _________________ again, you have two choices: Go to TWIRP with me or leave one million dollars in my locker!” This suggestion comes from Seventeen Magazine, Prom Committee Dating Expert, Kristen.
  8. Flowers – Send your guy flowers asking him to the dance or go mock marriage proposal and go down on bended knee with flower in hand.
  9. Send him on a scavenger hunt – You can go two ways with this: at each stop he gets a word that once all put together pops the question. Or at the end of the scavenger hunt is you, holding a sign or just waiting to straight up ask him.
  10. Go old school and pass him a note that says, “Will you go to the dance with me? Check: Yes or No”

No matter how you do the asking, I think we can all agree that just being asked is awesome. So whatever nerves you’re feeling he’s probably just stoked that an amazing girl like you picked him.

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