Styling My Spring Mantle

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

That being said, what impression does your mantle make when someone enters your home for the first time? Does it make a statement about your personality (traditional, stylish, or otherwise)? Does it silently say something about your family values, or does it scream “I have no taste, no time, and I need HELP!” Hopefully it’s not that last option...

I am by no means a design expert, but I do consider myself to be a Pinterest aficionado. So of course I turned to this trusty source of inspiration when looking to create my own spring mantle display…the possibilities were endless!

For me, spring is synonymous with Easter; and I don’t necessarily want to look at the same décor from March to August. After more time spent browsing on Pinterest than I care to admit, I finally selected my Five Favorite Spring Mantles.

Each of these designs in some way influenced my own design, although  the "rustic mantle" was probably my favorite. Here is My Styled Spring Mantle. It turned out cutesier than I had originally intended, but I think it works well with our home and complements my fun loving personality. Not to mention I wasn’t really planning to drop $150 plus just to give the corner of my living room a facelift.

I was able to make use of several items I already owned (the chalkboard, the framed photo, the birdhouse, and the crate), and was able to keep my costs low (which made my hubby very happy with me). I completed my spring mantle for just under $60…not too shabby, eh?

A Few Tips and a Tutorial

  • My godmother, an interior decorator, always gave me this advice when it came to decorating (whether it is a book shelf, a nightstand, or a mantle): always remember the “rule of threes”—style a surface using odd numbered items only.
  • When decorating or re-decorating a display area in your home, take a long and hard look at your inventory of decorative items (mine is stored in a linen closet) before heading to Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, or the other budget friendly home goods store of your choice. It’s not a bargain if you come home with entirely too much unnecessary stuff!

I created The Chalkboard (pictured above) several craft projects ago. It was simple and easy to create, and I have had so much fun using it for various displays around my house (including hand writing our "menu" of meals for the week on it and displaying it in the kitchen). Here is how I made it:

1. First choose an inexpensive, yet decorative frame from the craft store of your choice. (Mine was from Hobby Lobby. I love when they have 50% off practically everything in the store, and they always have additional coupons on their website for full-priced merchandise.)

2. You will also want to pick up a can of Krylon Aerosol Chalkboard Paint (available at most craft and home improvement stores).

3. Remove the glass from the frame for painting, and then follow the simple instructions on the can. Once dry, return the glass to the frame and admire your handiwork!

Do you update your mantle or change out your décor with each of the seasons? Which season or holiday is your favorite to decorate for? I would love to hear! Share your thoughts with us in the Comments section below.