a little worried on the first day of school

5 Kindergarten Lessons Learned

April 2013 | by rebecca stewart

With roughly two months to go in our kindergarten school year we’ve learned a lot of lessons, my daughter and I, in this oh so important first official year of school. For her it’s a whole slew of educational awesomeness that she’s acquired, accompanied by a new awareness that she can totally get past the whole, “But Mom…You know I’m shy,” and communicate with all kinds of grown ups and kids. But for mom…Well that’s a different story. Come along for the ride as I recap my top five kindergarten lessons learned.

5. I still don’t totally get it (yet), but the 100th day of school? It’s a super big deal. I’m talking celebrations and crafts that, I’m sure, drive the teachers to the verge of madness, but it’s oodles of fun and the kids totally dig it.

4. The school will gladly share flatware when mom forgets to pack some…Ditto for a lunchtime beverage. Thanks for that, really.

3. Speaking of lunch, packing a lunch for school calls for far more creativity than making lunch at home ever seemed to. At home you’ve got the luxury of the microwave, the oven. Oh, the oven. Sigh So you add a kick butt thermos to your tupperware cupboard and have a rotating series of fruit choices and desserts to spice things up.

2. One of the best things about kindergarten is that your kiddo is learning to read so it adds a whole new element of sweetness to the notes you tuck into their lunch box. It was a gradual progression from "I 'heart' U" to "I love you," and finally that awesome moment when she was able to read, "Abby, you are my BEST! Love, Mom"

1. The most significant mom-lesson of them all, this kindergarten year? A teacher who is patient, who gets my kid and does everything in her power to help her succeed, is invaluable. Now if only they will all be such rock stars with each passing year; that would be priceless.

So here we are nearing the end of our first “real” year of school and there have been many lessons learned, but one thing is for sure: there will be tests and assessments and all kinds of challenges along the way that mom will spend far too much time worrying about, but so long as my kiddo is happy, healthy, and learning...Who could ask for more?