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I love my slow cooker; so much so I've had to retire a few in my time. I tried this crockpot lasagna and I was overly skeptical. Yet once again, I overcame my fear, and tried it! I was amazed! The noodles were soft, the flavor was excitingand boy was it cheesy! Such a simple time saving recipe.

Adapted from Creating Through Life.


Uncooked lasagna pasta, 8 oz package

Your favorite pasta sauce, 26 oz

One lb of ground beef

One container of cottage cheese (about 1 and 1/2 cups)

One 8 oz bag of shredded mozzarella

Two cloves of garlic finely diced

To Make

You will want you brown your ground beef before hand.

Turn your slow cooker on warm, spray with a nonstick spray, or for an even faster clean up use one of those slow cooker liners.

Mix your ground beef and garlic with your sauce and water.

Now you can start layering your creation.

The sauce mixture will be your first layer; second will be your lasagna noodles (break them to fit).

Now you will create a cheese combination: take 4 oz of the shredded mozzarella and fold in the cottage cheese, creating your third layer.

While you layer, spread evenly and continue until your lasagna noodles are your top layer.

If you have any sauce mixture left, pour it around the sides.

Keep on warm for up to 8 hours; you can dive in at about 4 hours of cooking.

About a half an hour before serving, pile the reserve cheese on top, cover and let it get all bubbly and melty. Yum!

I just happened to finish this "soup supper " soup, and I am so in love with this recipe I created from my cupboard that I wanted to share!

Meatless Tortilla Soup


3 32 oz boxes of organic "Pacific" red pepper & tomato soups

2 large diced and sautéed yellow onions

2 cans of black beans

1 can corn

2 cans Rotel diced mild tomatoes

2 garlic cloves diced

3 cups of uncooked rice

To Make

Mix all ingredients, set on low, and cook for at least 6 hours. Now you have a meatless tasty soup to serve to your crew.

I served it with sour cream and tortilla chips. Yum!