Daddy N' Daughter Dance

Last year was my daughters' first opportunity at attending this coveted dance by all girls preschool to 8th grade. This year was extra special; daddy provided the ticket and a wristlet corsage for each darling daughter. It was hosted by the parent organization from The Billings Catholic Schools. This year our dance was held in the gym at St. Francis Intermediate school. The dance is open to all families enrolled in the system and their siblings. It was held on February 22nd, which was a Friday evening. Many fathers treated their lovely date to a dinner, while others wrapped flowers around dainty wrists.

They arrived to a magical space created by twinkling lights, paper flowers and a dessert table adorned with cupcakes, cookies and brownies galore. Sugar sparkles caught the light in each young lady's eye. Not long after arriving, the line grew as the girls waited to get their special picture with their "date". Some girls danced with dads, others with brothers and uncles, but my personal favorite is when the grandfathers dance with their granddaughters. So precious. It makes me wish I would have gotten a chance like this with my papa...

The girls found their friends, and complimented each other on their dresses and hair. They danced to popular music provided by the DJ and encircled the dessert table. Every once in a while a slow song was played, that is when they sought out their

dates for a dance. Twirling on toes, or standing on them, there was no wrong way to dance. Sometimes you would catch a special dance partner with a couple little girls wrapped around his arms.

All in all, memories were made. Mothers helped cut out paper flowers, sell baked goodness, and checked people in.

Harvest Church also held their first father-daughter dance on the same night! Their dance was held at the Heights campus, and it was open to the public. A four dollar ticket gained access to the dance for each daughter and her special date.

People who attended both dances agree, the evening was most definitely an overwhelming success. Both communities had high volume and plenty of positive feedback. Above all, our Billings community embraced this opportunity to take time out of our busy lives to make this a very special night for daughters and the men who held their hearts first.

If you ever have an opportunity to attend such an event, I would highly recommend it. My daughters had a very special time with their daddy!