Check this out...Billings Unite for Great Schools

Want to know more about what is going on with our local public schools?

An independent website has just been developed and will continue to be updated with current and unbiased information about the state of School District 2 on a local and state level.

The intention of this website is to:

•Encourage the community to learn more about the current issues facing our community's public schools.

•Stay up-to-date on the proposed education funding bills in the state legislature, which will make a direct impact on our students' learning.

•Assist community members in learning how to contact your state representatives to share your concerns on the need to increase state funding for our classrooms and schools.

•Give access to information on local issues facing our community, including accreditation issues, levies, and bonds.

You can visit this website at www.billingsuniteforgreatschools.com.