Run! Turkey Run! Helping the community by running like a turkey (Gobble!)

Every town needs a turkey trot. Billings is no exception. Every year thousands of people, all across the country roll out of bed, put the bird in the oven, tie their shoes and speed away to participate in a Thanksgiving Day run.

This year, the Yellowstone RimRunners, in conjunction with Billings Clinic, Christensen Fulton and Filz, PLLC, Good Earth Market, and multiple other local businesses, are sponsoring Billing’s first ever Run! Turkey Run! – a soon-to-be annual event hosted in Downtown Billings. This event, jam-packed with family fun will surely start this year’s holiday season with a great big Cluck!

Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful holiday; an important element of this celebration is the time we take to reflect on our family, health, and well-being. While being thankful for our own fortunes, we must also remember that Thanksgiving is a time to remember others in our community; particularly those in need.

Nearly one third of Billings residents at one point in time have needed to use the Billings Food Bank as a primary resource to feed their families. In Billings and our greater Yellowstone Region, the Billings Food Bank provides over $15 million annually in food and other essentials to those in need.

Goals for Run! Turkey Run!

Raise funds, supplies, and awareness for the Billings Food Bank. All proceeds and profits will go directly to the Billings Food Bank. Participants are encouraged to bring non-perishable food donations to the event for collection by Food Bank volunteers.

Promote family fitness. The event is family friendly with children's registration as well as a spectator friendly course. There are two races -- a 5K and a Street Mile Dash. All are encouraged to participate in one or both!

Create an annual Downtown Billings family tradition. Costumes aren't a must, but they definitely make the party much more fun; the best three costumes at Run! Turkey Run! will win a special Thanksgiving prize! After the race, all participants will receive a collectable pint glass with a free token for a taste of some of Billing's finest locally brewed beers or handcrafted root beer as well as enjoy local coffee, breads, bagels, and fruit.

Let us join together to celebrate and support family, fitness, and of course, the Billings Food Bank. Run! Turkey Run!

For more information, please visit www.runturkeyrun.org