In Memory of Brooklyn

Loss of a loved one is always painful, but there is something particularly heartbreaking about the loss of a child.   Recently, a family here in our community lost their beloved 5 month old daughter.  Baby Brooklyn will be missed by her family, friends, and many of us who never met her but are touched by her story.

This is one of the most difficult posts I've written as a blogger.  I originally tried to stay informative and unemotional.  It didn't take long for me to realize the futility of that, so I'm writing this with tears in my eyes and sorrow in my heart.  I don't know this family.  I'm a friend of a friend.  But I am a parent.  My heart goes out to the family, their friends, and to every other family who has experienced a loss of this kind.

One of the hardest things about losing a child is dealing with practical matters in the throes of grief.  No one is prepared to pay for funeral costs for an infant.  Because of this, a charity fundraiser has been established to help Brooklyn's family with these expenses.

There are several ways to help. You can make a direct donation to a fund established at First Interstate Bank (details below), you can purchase items from the fundraising event where a portion of your purchases goes to the family, you can share this article in your personal Facebook feed, and you can keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.

For more information, to offer your condolences, and to make donations, please visit the two fundraising Facebook pages at Brooklyn's Memorial Fund and Brooklyn's Memorial Fundraiser.  You may also send donations to Brooklyn Mykel Memorial Fund, First Interstate Bank, P.O. Box 30918, Billings, MT 59116.

Thanks so much for any help you can give.

Editor's Note: Another wonderful way to help families in our community who have experienced the tragic loss of an infant like Brooklyn is to donate to the Ramsey Keller Memorial. This non-profit provides funeral funds to families who have lost their littlest loved ones far too soon. For more information visit www.kisses2heaven.com.