Introducing mealtrain.com

You’ve got to see this!  Through a group of ladies at church, I was directed to a website called mealtrain.com and I have to say I’m in love!  Whoever thought of this magnificent plan is genius and I have to say it’s particularly appealing to someone like me who loves to be organized.

What is it?  Well, let’s say you know someone who just had a baby, is recovering from surgery, or who just lost a loved one.  You want to help but you know that dropping off meals might be a tricky situation if someone else has already left food, if they have dietary preferences, or if they have family in town.  People need to eat during difficult times in their lives, but space in the refrigerator can be tight or maybe they need a few days of quiet at home before people start arriving with food.

The website is a free solution that simplifies the organization of giving and receiving meals. By allowing the giving party to take into account the recipient’s preferred meal times, food preferences, and available days, the site helps ensure that the recipient gets the meals they enjoy on the days that are most helpful.  Did I mention it won’t cost you a thing?

For example, let’s say a friend has a baby.  I can set up a meal train for her (or she can set up her own meal train) and indicate where meals should be delivered, when meals should be delivered, what food aversions they have, how many people will be eating, and what days they would appreciate food.  I can forward that information to friends, family, neighbors, my church, and co-workers via facebook and email.  The other participants can log on to the website and participate by selecting a day and describing what item or items they are going to bring.  This avoids duplicates, such as too many tuna noodle casseroles, and makes the entire process so mucheasier.  Plus, the recipient of meals can also log on to the website and see if someone is bringing them food on a particular day and what that person plans on bringing.

When someone is in need, it’s human nature to want to help.  The mealtrain.com website helps make that process just a little bit easier.  Next time you have someone in need, consider setting up a meal train to help them through their difficult time.