Crafting with Your Kids for Halloween

We love Halloween at our house and have been making some crafts to celebrate the season.  Here are the most popular ones.  I hope you and your little ghouls enjoy them!

1. Ghost Footprints

My son and I did this craft last year and he loved it when I brought out his footprints this year as a decoration.

I just bought a 9×7 canvas and black and white craft paint.  (If you don’t have a canvas, just use card stock paper.)  I painted the canvas black and let it dry for a few hours.

Next, the fun part!

My son is not a huge fan of getting messy but he obliged me this time when I said painting his foot would tickle a bit.

Be sure to use a lot of paint on your kiddo’s feet.

Here is the final product.  I just painted on some eyes and a Boo mouth.  This is will be such a fun project to do every year.

2. Mummy Pumpkins

This is such a simple way to decorate pumpkins.  All you need is some gauze and googly eyes!  I started the gauze for my son my taping the end to the pumpkin and he wrapped them up and glued on the eyes.

3.  Halloween Frames

We have started saving our annual Halloween picture in a frame and setting them out when we decorate for Halloween.  I love the paper mache frames from Hobby Lobby.  They are super cheap ($2.99) and easy to decorate.

For the decorations, we used washi tape and Halloween foam stickers.  The washi tape is so nice because it is a decorative tape that is a nice accent just by itself.

Another Halloween frame that caught my eye on pinterest is by A Diamond in the Stuff.  Lots of googly eyes are required but the frame is so darling!

4.  Spiders!

What Halloween would not be complete without some spooky spiders?  Cups, paint, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners equal the perfect kid-friendly craft!  You can find the great instructions here on Craftown.

5.  Bat Cupcakes

I really despise cake decorating.  I am just not good at it and lack the patience it requires.  However, I came across these cupcakes from the Disney Family Fun website and just had to try them for one of my son’s preschool treats.

We accumulated the following candies for our cupcakes:

No googly eyes were required for this craft!

Chocolate frosting

Grasshopper cookies from Target for the wings

Dots from Target for the nose

Andes Mints from Albertsons for the ears

White and Green icing for the eyes and fangs

My son decorated each cupcake with the candies and loved every minute of it.

Here is our result:

It reminds me of one of my favorite pictures from Pinterest.

Even though the final results were not perfect, they must have looked wonderful to my son.  He was so proud of those bat cupcakes and said that they were the “bestest and most awesomest cupcakes ever”!

I treasure craft time with my son, not only for the keepsake, but for the wonderful memories.

Happy Halloween everyone!  Have fun making your memories!