School Paper Organization

My son is only 4 and I have papers and art projects that I cannot imagine parting with but are overwhelming me.  When I began my mommy life, I told myself that I would scrapbook every year.  Reality struck and I have to admit the last time I made a scrapbook was 2000.  It was time to get realistic with my scrapbook and paper management expectations.

I started out my son’s preschool year with a 3-ring binder.  My idea was that I would punch all his papers and artwork and have a nice notebook at the end of the year.  That idea did not work.  My son has brought home big pictures, small pictures, necklaces, books, etc, etc.  I needed something simple and easy so I would actually put his artwork up each week.  I decided to purchase some scrapbook storage boxes.  The boxes are about $8.50 and can be purchased from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.

I labeled them by year and piled everything in them.  (Please don’t be jealous of my labeling ability.)  I really like this method because it is easy and holds everything and I don’t have to try to fold up the five precious paint encrusted finger paintings of Iron Man.  The paintings can be placed in tact in the box for us to enjoy in 2026, my son’s senior year in high school (shedding a tear).

For those of you more streamlined in your school paper weeding out process, I love, love this idea from I Heart Organizing.

Jen prepares a covered file folder box for each of her sons and made folders for Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Her blog has free labels for this project!

As I read about her method, I couldn’t help but wonder how Jen only keeps such a small amount of paperwork from each grade.  After reading her reader’s comments, she goes on to say in that she keeps scrapbooks for special cards, photos, etc and another scrapbook for special artwork.  Me, I’m throwing it all in the box for now.

The key to organization is to find what works for you.  There are a million different ideas on the internet from scanning the papers and saving them on the computer to really big boxes for every school year.  How do you organize your child’s school memories?  I would love to hear from you!