Back to school coupons: Get a break on school supplies

Summer’s winding down and it’s time to turn our sights towards scoring the best deals on school supplies for our budding academics. The class supply lists are out and before we know it our school-bound kiddos will soon be spending more time at school than with us. (It’s fair to say that I’m not quite ready for kindergarten yet).

With about a month to go before school starts up, that gives us time to spread out our purchases and find the good deals so the back-to-school shopping extravaganza is hopefully not such a horrifying shock to the budget. With that, let’s talk coupons and bargains.

Crayola – For four weeks Crayola has been offering $1 off coupons on various Crayola products via their Facebook page. Dry-erase, twistables, crayons and markers, and in the fourth and final week, Wild Notes products have all been a part of this bargain opportunity.

That’s not it on the Crayola front, however, as their website clues us into how to snag even more deals. Watch for specially marked Avery binders and save up to $2 on Crayola products and for even more savings look for Kraft or Polly-O string cheese with coupons for $3 off Crayola products inside.

*Keep an eye on Crayola’s Special Offers page for more great deals.

The price list you must print before you hit the stores – Scouring the web for the best deals, I discovered a blog, Passion for Savings, which includes a must-have Back-to-School price list you’ll want to have tucked away in your purse for easy reference.

Go old school, check the print – By check the print I mean snag yourself the Sunday paper and scour the ads for the best deals. Make a list and make sure that you’re cross-checking for who has the best prices.

Target – Target’s online back-to-school coupons are by far more food related than school supply, but the days of packing lunches five days a week are right around the corner. You can also keep an eye on their weekly ad via the Target website. Spend Less, Shop More has the scoop on a Target Deal: RoseArt Supplies for 2 cents!

Wal-Mart and K-Mart also have their weekly ads available online, as well as a back-to-school focus.

Go new school, download an app – In short, put your Smartphone to work and use it to help you find the best deals while you’re shopping. You can use your Smartphone to price check while you shop or a couponing app that will search for discounts while you’re at the store.

As you hit the ads and start scouring the stores for the best deals, be sure to share your most smokin’ finds in the comments below. Wishing you incredible finds and amazing savings.

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