Heroism amidst tragedy

I'm sure all of you have seen, heard or read about the young child who was somehow shot in a Heights park.  As a parent of a 4 year-old, this story just gripped me by the heart and twisted.  There is a lot of discussion going on about parental supervision and gun control as a result of this tragedy.  I'm not here to get into that.  Of course, I have my own opinions, but I have a different purpose for writing this right now.

I read the Gazette article on my phone this morning.  At first, I was completely, absolutely shocked.  I read it again, and this time my thoughts turned to those amazing little girls who found him.  How frightening and terrible that had to be.  And how brave, courageous and kind were those little girls, to not only go for help but to know that one of them needed to stay with him.

So, girls, I don't know your names.  But I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  I'm sure it was scary, and intense, and the worst thing you've ever seen.  But you did the right thing.  And in my opinion, you're heroes today.