Baby’s First iPod

In today’s technologically savvy world, the modern mommy has a brand new bag of tricks up her nursing gown sleeve. Gone are the days requiring countless lullabies sung out of tune, a clunky CD player, or a diaper bag overstuffed with picture books for entertaining baby on the go. Today’s mom knows that when in need, she can always turn to the trusty electronic smart device of her choosing.

My personal choice is almost always an Apple product. I recently found a $25 iTunes gift card left over from Christmas when I finally tackled organizing our home office. (We moved into our new house in March—a combination of OCD and pregnancy brain made it a slightly longer than usual unpacking process.) My super sweet husband suggested I use the gift card to update one of our iPods for Baby Tomes’ nursery. Genius!

But because $25 just doesn’t go as far as it used to, consider what follows more of a Wish List. Just for funsies, I have included a list of books I would also love to add to my iPad queue. In a perfect world, I’d be able to download all of the music and books listed below; in reality, I will probably smile sweetly, attempt unsuccessfully to twist my husband’s arm, and narrow my list. But a girl can dream. Sorry boys, this one’s for the girls.

Sweet Music for a Sweeter Baby Girl

1. Baby Einstein’s “Definitive 100” $9.99

2. Baby Einstein’s “Animal Friends” $6.99

3. “Sing Along with Madeline” $9.99 (My favorite fictional redhead!)

4. “Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Coldplay” $11.99

5. “Disney Princess: The Ultimate Song Collection” $9.99 (All little girls are princesses!)

Tales for Happier Backseat Browsing

  1. Little Miss Austen: Pride and Prejudice

A youthful take on one of Jane Austen’s most famous works, this clever text is both a counting primer and an interactive storybook in one. This book includes audio. A steal for just $3.99!

  1. Would You Rather Be a Princess or a Dragon?

By Barney Saltzberg. “Would you rather be a princess or a dragon? You’ll never know which one to be until you’ve tried. If you want to be a princess or a dragon, here’s a book to help you decide.” An adorable story, with adorable illustrations (audio included). $4.99

  1. Eloise

Only one of the greatest stories of all time (in my opinion at least). By Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight. The first of many fantastic stories about the little girl who lives in The Plaza Hotel in New York City. Audio included. $12.99

  1. Olivia Says Goodnight

When a precious little piggy tries to avoid bedtime, an adventure surely ensues! Olivia will have readers reading and singing along. Audio included. $12.99

  1. Goodnight Owl

Who doesn’t love a story about owls? Find out what happens when Owl tries to fall asleep in the middle of the active, noisy woods. By Pat Hutchins. $12.99