Summer Reading

My boys did great with their reading goals this school year, and part of my job as "mom" is to make sure they continue reading throughout the summer..........fun?  Not so much, but with the Summer Reading Program--through the Parmly Billings Library, summer reading will be a breeze!

Prizes, fun activities and a nice site to log in all of the books your kids read...not to mention an adult version of the same program!  If I am going to make the boys read, why not read with them!  Now to figure out a time during the day where we can all smash onto the couch and do our 30-minutes of reading!

Check out these links to get you (and your kids) signed up for the summer reading program!

Parmly Billings Library

How to Sign Up

Journal for Grades 3-5

There are tons of options on the library's  site, go online or to the library to check it out!  Happy Reading!

Here is our list for Summer reading! P.S The BFG and My Side of the Mountain, are two of the greatest books ever written, you should really read them.  I promise, promise promise that you won't be sorry!