You are Warmly Invited to Attend the 2012 State Special Olympics in Billings! (May 15-18)

Fanfare events such as Opening and Closing Ceremonies ♦ Three days of great competition in 14 sports ♦ More than 1000 athletes coming from everywhere in Montana ♦ Team celebrations such as the traditional dance and carnival ♦ Team dinners out, courtesy of generous restaurants and organizations ♦ The energy of hundreds of local students who adopt Special Olympics teams from across the state ♦ Hundreds more volunteers who help shape every phase of the event ♦ Sponsor support that wraps the celebration with kindness and generosity ♦ And so much more ♦

Centered at Rocky Mountain College, with special events at the Metra and competition across Billings and the surrounding area including local bowling, aquatics, kayak, cycling, track and field and golf venues, the competition unfolds in a swell of intensity and joy. Athletes work hard to get to the Games. Following eight weeks of rigorous training, they are ready to demonstrate their skill in intense competition. They will not disappoint!

Founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver believed that if Special Olympics athletes were allowed to reach their full potential, we would all in turn be changed by them. She was right. From moment to moment, you are sure to be inspired, or deeply moved, or simply astonished by their accomplishments.

Special Olympics is a place where divisions disappear. A place where people are united by the bonds of common acceptance. A place where people of all abilities are valued for their intrinsic worth and unlimited potential. It is impossible to attend a Special Olympics event without throwing off the cares of today to embrace the hopes of tomorrow. You are invited to enjoy the experience.

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