Sunshine Safety

I’m a Coppertone Water Mom! Now-a-days I am all about keeping myself and my kids protected from UV rays. It’s not like when I was younger and we would spend days in the sun without any kind of protection. Back then it was all about sunburn treatment. Once our skin got red from sun damage, my parents would lather us with a coconut lotion or

aloe to soothe it.

Now the word is PREVENTION. And I am not just talking about sunscreen. It’s also UV clothing, hats and sunglasses. There is even powder you can put in your hair to keep your scalp from being burned, just in case you aren’t wearing a hat or if you have fine hair that the sun can easily penetrate.

My favorite lotion is the Coppertone Water Babies Foaming Lotion. I just discovered it this Spring! It shocked me the first time I used it because I expected a traditional spray. Instead, it came out like a shaving cream. The new texture was fun for the kids when I lathered them up.

I prefer to use the Water Babies line because it is the most comfortable on my skin and gentle on the kids’ eyes. No stinging, no greasy feeling. It should be applied 30 minutes before you go out and every few hours once you are out playing. You will also need to reapply after heavy sweating and getting wet.

And it’s not just skin that gets burned. Remember to protect eyes from UV rays too! Sunglasses do more than protect against glare, they protect against sun-related damage, like cataracts, pterygium, skin cancer around the eyes, and macula degeneration. Sunglasses come in all sizes and shapes to accommodate even the tiniest of faces.