Placing the Hive

I went with my sis and dad to take pictures of them setting up the bee hive. What a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Gorgeous weather, fun company and the first time that I've actually seen my sister's bee box. I have to say, that the bee box she built looks like the coziest home a colony of bees could ask for! :D

Sometime this week, Meg will be getting a phone call from the USPS telling her that her bees are ready for pick up...........for some reason the mailman is hesitant to transport them in person. Can't imagine why?! Here are a few pictures to commemorate; and a little bee trivia, just to keep you informed.

~Once established, a hive of bee's in our area {Montana} can produce up to 85 pounds of honey per season (and that's after they make about 90 pounds to store for their food during the winter.) :)