We just got a lesson, we just got a lesson, we just got a lesson, wonder who it's from?

On our last trip to the library, my 3 year old picked out his usual books.  Thomas, Charlie Brown, Max & Ruby, etc.  For some bizarre reason, he really wanted this Blue's Clues book, called "I'm Sorry!" by Justin Chanda.  He considers himself too old for Blue's Clues, so I was both surprised and irritated.  I can't stand the Blue's Clues show.  The silly mail song gets stuck in my head and the guy is weird bordering on creepy.  I saw an episode where he did an Elvis accent, and I've never been able to watch it again.

So I have to admit I totally rolled my eyes at this book.  I put off reading it to him, saying "Wouldn't you rather read Calling All Engines?  Or Charlie Brown?, Remember Snoopy?"  Finally, it was the only library book left unread, and I was stuck.

It ended up that the joke was on me.  I love this book!  I guess without the annoying song or the guy who gives me the heebie-jeebies, it's a whole different ball game.

In the story, Green Puppy borrows Magenta's favorite crayon and accidentally breaks it.  (Side note:  I'm a little bewildered by green, blue and magenta colored puppies, but it didn't faze my son at all.)  Magenta is sad, of course, when she finds the broken crayon.  Green feels bad, but doesn't know how to tell Magenta that it was her fault.  Through the story, all the characters help Green find nice things to do to show Magenta that she's sorry, but in the end, Green learns that being sincerely sorry is what matters the most.

Seriously, what a great lesson!  This is exactly the concept of sorry that I most want my children to understand.  A sincere sorry and honesty about what happened are most important.

Within a few days of reading this book, I had something occur that reminded me; this basic concept of sorry applies to all people, all ages, in all interactions.  Sorry doesn't mean anything unless you feel it in your heart.

I have high hopes that my children will learn this at 3, and not have to learn it by causing pain to someone else when they're my age.  And if Blue's Clues helps that happen, I guess I'm okay with Blue and her many-colored buddies.  Although, I'm still a little freaked out by Steve.