How to Tell If Your Child is a Future Entrepreneur

All parents think their children are geniuses destined for greatness. You can’t imagine your child not being successful and running a major corporation one day. But the sad reality is that not everyone grows up to be what their parents dreamed. How can you tell if your child is different? How do you know if they’ll be one of the kids who make it? As your child grows up, you can look for some of these signs that might indicate your child is a future entrepreneur.

Is your child more organized than other kids?

Kids are always misplacing their toys and forgetting things you told them an hour ago. Future entrepreneurs are often super organized. They keep their rooms clean, have a categorical system for their toys, and always know how to quickly find what they’re looking for. Organization is an essential skill for entrepreneurs who have to juggle many things at once.

Is your child motivated by money?

One thing is for sure, entrepreneurs love money. While lots of kids don’t know the real value of money, your child might have quite the love of cash. If offering your child a monetary reward will get them sweeping the kitchen floor faster than ice cream, you might have a young entrepreneur on your hands. Give them bonus points if they save and spend their money wisely.

Is your child very independent?

Entrepreneurs tend to make their own rules, and they aren’t too concerned with the approval or assistance of others. If your child prefers to do things himself rather than get your help or instruction, he might have an entrepreneurial spirit. Children who grow up to be entrepreneurs tend to be very independent at an early age and continue to be as they grow.

Does your child have a strong sense of commitment?

When kids are young, they tend to change their minds a lot, testing out the waters in order to find the thing they like best. Future entrepreneurs tend to be much more committed to their activities, preferring to stick with one thing and master it. They take pride in their commitments, and they hate to think they’re giving up or abandoning anything midway.

Does your child always need to be in control?

Similar to being very independent, young entrepreneurs tend to be control freaks. They want to do things their way, and they get uncomfortable or upset if someone else tries to take the reins. By controlling everything they can in their environment, they’re getting good practice at managing and controlling much bigger operations.

Is your child very creative?

Young kids love to do crafts and come up with new ideas or stories. But if your child is creative beyond just drawing a cool picture, you may be raising a young entrepreneur. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you must have good ideas. If your creative child is always coming up with great ideas and doing creative things, they one day might become a successful entrepreneur.

Maggie Billington is a mom and a member of her local entrepreneur community. In her role as chief editor for a local magazine she relies daily on the broad feature-set offered by Grammarly grammar checker. This online tool provides professional writers with a competitive advantage and improved efficiencies by correcting common grammar and spelling mistakes.