Eggs, Paint, and Hopscotch

I have seen some of these activities all over Pinterest and decided to give them a try with my son.  Like all of my craft projects, these were cheap and easy!

1.  Easter Egg Matching Game

I started with eggs from Hobby Lobby (84 cents for a dozen) and used a Sharpie to make a matching game with numbers and letters.  This game was a hit with my son and he liked to stack the egg halves to build towers.

2.  Paint in a Bag

Ziploc Bag plus one container of $1 craft paint = success.  My son had a great time drawing on the bag.  However, this activity was somewhat short lived as we discovered it was pretty easy to poke holes in the bag.  I would supervise your child closely with this activity.

3.  Hopscotch

hmmmm, looks like I need to reverse the 3,4,6,7 but oh well.  My son is in LOVE with this game.  Who can blame him, it involves jumping and a rock.  If you are like me and not quite sure how to really play hopscotch, check out this YouTube video.

4.  Toddler Stilts

I love this idea from Made by Joel.  He has some great directions on how to make the stilts and I really like the idea of starting with a block of wood instead of a coffee can.

5.  Wacky Sacks

A quick run to the Dollar Store and you have all the supplies you need to make these cute stress balls.  What a great idea from Somewhat Simple!