How to Use a Marine Theme in Decorating Your Kid's Bedroom

There are some themes that are really great for any child's bedroom. Cowboys, space, the beach - all of those are classics. But one that is just as timeless is the marine theme, which can also be an aquarium or under-the-sea motif. It provides plenty to work with, rich and relaxing colors and some possible fantastic scenes with the creatures of the deep - not to mention nautical objects, such as sailboats or submarines. Here are a couple of ideas that you can use to create a marine theme in your own kid's bedroom.

1. Pebbles and Seashells

What could be more aquatic than polished pebbles or seashells? I have even seen people use them to create shapes and patterns on a wall, such as a complete border around the room. You can buy both in bulk.

2. Photo Wallpaper

Tired of the traditional wallpaper or solid wall colors? Want something more realistic? You can make custom wallpaper using photographs at a number of online stores. You just upload your picture and order enough wallpaper for the space you wish to cover. They send you the product, which can be easily applied to your wall. Some will have adhesive backed wallpaper that you can apply like a stick for easier removal later on.

3. Hanging Pictures

If you don't like the wallpaper idea you can always try a smaller photo or painting to hang on the wall. Try pictures of boats, the ocean, submarines, water creatures or anything else that brings to mind marine life. To give them a really special touch, why not take some of those seashells and decorate the frame?

4. Painted Murals

Are you handy with a paintbrush or know someone who is? Why not create a painted mural with a marine scene on the wall? You could even do scenes on all of the walls, which would take some time but would be worth it for that personal touch and originality.

5. Creative Beds

Really branch out with your ideas on how to present the bed. Try a ship, with a heavy wooden frame and perhaps a steering wheel on the end. Or use a hammock instead, with extra padding. Or just paint the bed frame itself.

6. Get the Look

Why let the room itself get all the decorations? Try finding your kids some marine pajamas, with fish, mermaids or a Navy captain's uniform. Anything that could make them feel like a part of the whole look.

7. Sails on the Windows

A window can be a great opportunity to put together a sail for the windows. All you need is a thicker fabric and some creative hanging.

8. Ropes for Climbing

If you have something like a bunk bed, why not add some climbing ropes? It is a quick way in to increase the marine theme. Just make sure to secure them well to be certain to avoid falls.

9. Pirates and Sea Dogs

Pirates are cool to any kid. So you can get a lot of mileage from the concept as a design - especially when it comes to murals, wallpaper or pictures. A lot of the same items above will still apply.

10. Aquariums

For older kids looking for a pet to take care of, an aquarium could be a great idea. For those who are too young, just a mural or a fake aquarium can also work. You can find lamps that look like they have moving fish inside, or little water cases with fake, swimming jellyfish.


Marine themes are great for kids rooms. What are some of your ideas for an aquatic place for your children to call their own? Let us know in the comments. Image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.Annie is a new mom blogging for Life Insurance Finder, the free app for life insurance comparison online.