How Does Your Garden Grow? Just Ask Sprout Robot!

How does your garden grow?  Unfortunately, mine doesn't.  Only because I've always felt overwhelmed with gardening 101.  When should I start planting?  What should I plant?  When can I harvest it?

Not this year, however, thanks to "Sprout Robot" - consider it "gardening for geeks".  SproutRobot.com makes starting a garden quick and easy!  You simply type in your zip code and it will tell you what to plant...and when.  It will even create a cool little planting calendar for you so you can plan ahead.

Did you know that those of us in Billings should be starting tomatoes and bell peppers indoors this week?  Me neither!  Which is why I signed up for email reminders too!

SproutRobot.com also sells a seed subscription for those of you that might be interested, but the planting calendar & email reminder system is completely free.

Click here to check it out!  For those of you who already have a green thumb - what do you think about Sprout Robot?  For those of you who are "wannabes" like myself, give it a try and tell us your thoughts in the comments section!