Free Educational Sites for You and Your Kids

My son has started to take an interest in sounding out and spelling words so I am on the prowl for some fun educational activities.  I found some great websites to share with you!

1.  Handwriting Sheets

This is such an amazing site.  You can custom create handwriting pages for your kids in print or cursive!  Just type in what you would like to have printed on the sheet and presto, the page is created and you can print it on your home printer.  The program has other features that let you choose how many times the word repeats, whether you want start dots, etc.  Seriously, this is great.

2.  Alphabet Tracing Pages

A wonderful blogger mom created these upper and lower case alphabet tracing pages and posted them on her site to download for free.  Download them and have them laminated for multiple uses!

3.  www.kidslearningstation.com

If you are looking for any type of worksheet (math, phonics, science, shapes, colors, reading) this is a great one stop shop.  Download to your heart’s or printer’s content.

4.  Disney Family Fun

You really can’t beat the Disney Family Fun website.  They offer a ton of free printables for games, mazes, puzzles, and fun quizzes.

5.  FAQ from Kids

I thought I was pretty smart and understood a lot about the world until my son started asking me a million questions a day.  Thank goodness for the internet!  This website has great coverage of many “standard” kids’ questions.  Be sure and bookmark this site!

Please be sure and share your favorite educational websites in the comments section!