Start 2012 with an End to Fad Diets

It is an amazing story when dieters receive one-on-one guidance with their weight loss. While a team of experts monitors their health and guides them to their goal weight, they put in the appropriate time and follow a specific program. To the dieter it must be also motivating if they’re offered a cash incentive to lose weight and reveal to the world how fantastic they look at their goal weight. The success commercials I have seen with spokespeople who lost 50 or more pounds on a fad diet did an amazing job and I praise them for their hard work.

I want to take that scenario and apply it to the real world where there are no experts guiding or monitoring you, no cash incentive to lose weight, or big reveal at the end of your weight loss. In your reality, all you have the second you decide to lose weight is you standing alone facing what seems to be an insurmountable task.

This is why many people turn to fad diets and here is why the diets often fail among the general population:

When you follow a fad diet, you are not educating yourself on how you gained weight nor have you made the necessary behavioral changes, which are required to achieve permanent weight loss.

Fad diets assume if you are overweight all you need to do is start exercising, cut calories, and you will lose weight. But, if you do not discover what caused your weight gain, whether it is health or behavioral related, your old eating habits will return and you will end up in worse shape than you were before.

With that, read my brief article, reviewed by Dr. Thomas L. Bennett, who has studied preventable diseases for over 35 years. It is written for teens but can be applied to overweight and obese individuals. The article discusses health tests that should be completed before following my diet, exercise, and lifestyle advice.

The tests may reveal risk factors that have inhibited your weight loss. If you have serious health risks, you must follow a licensed professional to lose weight. If you do not have serious health risks, you are ready to follow my approach to diet and exercise, and set goals that work for you.

I am excited to tell you everything you need to know to lose weight permanently for the year of 2012. Please leave comments and questions as I am your biggest support system and I know you can reach your goals. This is only the beginning of my weight loss series and I will help you get through your weight loss journey!