Science Experiment Fun at Home

Snowy days call for some stay-at-home fun and why not mix in a little education too?   My son and I have had a great time experimenting with science at home and I wanted to share some of the best experiments.  These all have great learning potential and are all easy to prepare and clean up.

1.  Ivory Soap Souffle

This is so much fun!  We even impressed my husband with this experiment.  All you need is a microwave and a bar of Ivory soap.  Due to the air in Ivory soap, the soap expands when heated.  It is more entertaining than microwave popcorn!

2.  Baking Soda and Vinegar

The classic science experiment.  The Science for Preschoolers site includes three experiments for you and your kiddos to observe this chemical reaction.

3.  Surface Tension

Water, a drinking glass, and a tea towel are all you need for this trick.

If you are looking for more experiments or educational material, I would encourage you to head over to The Yellow Bus store in Billings, MT.  I LOVE this store and could spend an easy hour browsing all the great science and craft stuff, books, games, and toys.  Here are a couple of items I picked up for my 4 year old that were big hits.

Magnetic Stones

These are some pretty serious magnets.  My son has had a blast linking them together over and over again and observing different magnetic properties.

The store has so many science kits that are priced around $5 each.  We purchased a create your own bouncy ball test tube kit and are looking forward to buying more kits in the future.

The Yellow Bus has some fun toys too.

These disks by Ogosport are a fun activity even for the indoors and can be played with one or more people.  Just bounce the Koosh-type ball on the trampoline disks and try to pass the ball around.

Have you been to the Yellow Bus recently?  If so, what did you purchase and love?