Fun in the Snow! 12 Ways to Enjoy the Snow & Cold

Winter has finally arrived in Montana and my kids couldn’t be happier about that. We were bundled and ready to play as soon as the weather warmed to 30 degrees. Here are some fun activities to try in the snow:

1. Blow bubbles and watch them freeze (must be colder than 32 degrees).

2. Instead of snowmen, make snow animals or creatures or shapes.

3. Fill up water bottles with water and food coloring and make art on the white canvas. (This can be a little messy so be sure you supervise the kiddos while they’re playing with food coloring.)

4. Freeze colored water in ice cubes and then hide them around the back yard for a fun treasure hunt.

5. Snowball fight and/or a snow fort. (Try to get the whole neighborhood involved.)

6. Ride an inner tube (or a sled) down a hill.

7. Create a maze by putting on your hiking/snow boots and stamping a path for your kids to follow.

8. Tie a white cloth on the end of a short stick and take turns hiding it sticking up in the snow. It's really hard to find!

9. Build a snowman and take turns trying to toss the hat on his head (frisbee style).

10. Hula hoop in your winter gear. It's a lot more work!

11. Freeze tag.

12. Snow angels.

Alternatively, you could combine several of these ideas and make an obstacle course for the kids in the backyard. Watching them run and fall down and try to get back up is half the fun.