DIY Valentine's Day Cards

I have been overwhelmed with the amount of cute Valentine’s Day cards on the internet this year!  I wanted to share a few of my favorites and the one my son and I will be making for his party.

1.  I Dig You!

I just could not resist these cute treats!

I purchased the red shovels on E-Bay from Jean’s Plastics Party Supplies and Gifts and used clear treat bags with red ribbon.  The I Dig You hearts are available for you to download!  Click here for the free printable.

2.  You Make My Heart Bounce

The Crafting Chicks created this cute treat and even included a free printable on their site.

3.  I Like the Way You Roll

Variations include – See you around!  Let’s Rock and Roll!  or You are a Lifesaver (with Lifesavers candy)

4.  Robot Valentines

These robot cards are a bit more involved but super cute and fun!  I love how Lisa wrapped the small chocolate bar for the robot’s body.

5.  I Love You This Much!

My heart melts every time I see this precious card.  It is perfect for any occasion!