Cabin Fever? Load up in the Car and Go!

Yes, it's been a mild winter in Montana (so far...fingers crossed) but that doesn't mean cabin fever isn't sitting in a bit.  Here are a few of our favorite ways to bundle up, get out & cure the cabin fever!

  • Many athletic clubs in town offer indoor swimming, basketball, racquetball, climbing walls and more for families. Check out websites for local clubs to find out more about opportunities, including group classes and personal trainer information.

  • Go for a brisk walk at one of the indoor malls.  Both Rimrock Mall and West Park Plaza have children’s activity areas; the brand new Imaginarium Children’s Play Area at Rimrock Mall, with 1200 feet of Montana-themed fixtures for children to climb on, under and around, is an option for inclement weather days. The space includes a family restroom, nursing room, stroller parking and family picnic area, and is open during regular mall hours.

  • Have children try out for community theatre parts, or take weekly classes such as music appreciation, dance, musical instrument, or martial arts.

  • Check out local indoor swimming opportunities.

  • For options just to get out of the house a bit with moderate walking, try a visit to the library, book or toy store, hardware store, craft store, even the grocery store or a super center on weekdays when shoppers are scarce. If you give yourself a limit of $5 (or make it a “notes taken only – no shopping permitted!”) trip, the ability to just get out of the house and get moving, let alone the rush to and from the car, will keep the blood flowing and tempers soothed.

With some creativity and a sense of determination and fun, smart parents can keep themselves and their children entertained, active, and in shape until the arrival of Spring. Good luck!