F.A.S.T. Self-Defense & Anti-Bullying Seminars Coming in January

Billings Chi Tu Do Martial Arts will be offering a series of  F.A.S.T. Self-Defense seminars for adults and kids starting on January 21st at the Billings Sports Plex.

From the FAST MONTANA website. 

FAST stands for Fear Adrenal Stress Training. We train you how to control the adrenal stress response that anyone gets in a confrontation, whether it is a small verbal engagement or a physical attack, and how to use this powerful emotional response as an incredible source of power.

They will also be offering a three hour assertive and confidence training course just for kids (ages 8-14) called, "Stop Bullies Fast".  This course will start on January 28th at the Sports Plex.

Click here for more information (dates & times) of these courses or to register online!