Christmas with Popsicle Sticks and Pom Poms

We have been decorating our home and crafting all week.   I love crafting but I do not want to spend much money on crafts, especially kids’ crafts.  For the following crafts, I used a lot of items we already had at home.

Paint – white and green

Popsicle sticks

Wooden flat circles


Pom Poms


For our first craft, my son and I made popsicle Christmas trees for our family.

We painted the sticks green and while they were still wet, sprinkled them with glitter.  I hot glued the sticks into a triangle and added a small portion of a cinnamon stick for the tree trunk.  My son dipped pom poms in craft glue and put them on the “tree”.  So cute and easy.

Our next popsicle project was to create snow flakes.  I painted the popsicle sticks and flat circles with white acrylic paint and added glitter to the circles.  I highly recommend laying out your design before gluing away.  To start the snow flakes, I used the circle as my middle and expanded from there.

I ended up making two small snow flakes and one large one.  I am really pleased with how they look with our Christmas mantel.

I made a super busy mantel this year but just love it!  Here are the links to some of the crafts displayed on the mantel.

Pinecone Letter R

Jingle All the Way Blocks

Christmas Tree Garland

Below is a link to the popsicle snow flake that inspired me.  I love the star shape in the middle!


Finally, for our third craft, my son decorated pinecones with pom poms.  I just poured a puddle of craft glue on a disposable plate and he dipped the pom pom into the glue and onto the pinecone.

The little pops of color tie all of our table decorations together and I love the way the pinecones look in our crystal bowl.  Fancy and homemade!