Online Fun Finds: The Swoop!

The SWOOP!  The what?  The Swoop!  I think this might be a must-have for moms and dads.  This clever little tote serves as a playmat for building with blocks or legos, racing cars, playing with dolls, coloring, or any number of other activities.  What’s so special about it?  When you want to clean up, pull the drawstring and the bag swallows the mess.  This is fantastic for keeping a living room neat and tidy or transporting and playing with toys when visiting relatives or friends.  You can pick up your mess in a matter of seconds.  I wish I would have invented this.  Such a simple and fantastic idea!

The Swoop is 100% cotton and machine washable.  The are 44” in diameter and cost approximately $45.  However, they are 20% off if purchased before November 22.  They are available at http://swoopbags.com/.