Online Fun Finds: Allerbling Wristband

Allergies are a real danger for small children. If a parent is there to assist, it certainly can make situations and food choices easier, but if a parent cannot be with their child at all times, this bracelet is a fantastic reminder to your child and supervising adults that caution should be taken when exposed to certain foods.

The Allerbling wristband is a unique medical ID bracelet designed just for kids with food allergies. The wristband is completely customizable by you, at any time, based on your child’s changing food allergy conditions. With the vibrant colors, it really is very cute and a completely practical and brilliant idea. It is highly visible, customizable, durable and comfortable. Definitely kid friendly!

Available allergy charms include: peanut, shellfish, wheat, dairy, fish, soy, tree nut, egg, sesame, strawberry, corn, coconut, chocolate and bee.

An entire kit containing a large band, small band, and eight charms is only $18.00. Additional charms are available for $5 each.

Visit www.allerbling.com for more information.

Please note that this is not appropriate for kids under the age of 3 years due to some small parts being a choking hazard.