Modge Podge Christmas Crafts for You and Your Child

I found this great tutorial on how to create decoupage flameless candles and I just had to try it.  The tutorial is really great so be sure to check it out for instructions.

I purchased the flameless candles at the Dollar Tree and found some beautiful Christmas napkins at Party America.  The process was very simple but my napkins were a little wrinkled as I placed them on the candles.  I just decided that would be part of the design and am really pleased with how they turned out.  I found that one napkin covered three of the Dollar Tree candles.  This project would be perfect if you had extra napkins already in your cupboard.

While I was making these candles, my son wanted to help.  I separated some napkins from the paper backing and had him tear the napkins into pieces at least 3 inches long.  I then put Modge Podge on some craft paper and he glued the napkin pieces.  To make sure the napkin pieces stayed in place, I added a top coat of Modge Podge.  It looks messy but dries very nicely.

After drying overnight, I cut the paper into triangles of all shapes (about 8 per 12x12 piece of paper).  I hot glued cinnamon sticks to the base of each triangle for Christmas trees.  After punching two holes side by side on the top of each tree, I strung the trees together and made a cute garland.

These are fun projects for a snowy day.  The trees could be gift tags or even ornaments.