It's Hip to Knit! Learn How with Classes at Purl Yarn Boutique

When you think about knitting many of you probably picture your grandmother quietly sitting in a rocking chair making an afghan for the church group or booties for the grandkids. What you may not have known is that knitting is HIP! It's one of the hottest modern crafting trends right now and it's fun and easy to learn (with a little help, of course).

If you've ever wanted to give knitting a try, Purl Yarn Boutique offers numerous classes for adults and kids.

Click here to view their lineup of current classes.

They also have a class every other Wednesday for kids ages 9-15 from 4-5pm. The kids must already know how to knit so perhaps you'll want to take a class (or a few) and show them what you've learned first.

I know a few *very basic* knit stitches and was able to teach my eight year old daughter how to knit. Naturally, she picked it up MUCH quicker than I did.

Knitting is a wonderful way to de-stress after a busy day and socialize with your friends. Plus, you'll be able to "DIY" a little outerwear (scarves, hats, mittens, sweaters) for cold weather that's fast approaching!

Click here to learn more about the classes and share your projects with us right here (in the comments section) or over at our Facebook page!