Friday Nature Nights: Shopping Time For Parents & Nature Fun for Kids

via Audubon Nature Center:

Shopping time for Parents and nature fun for kids!

Our new Friday Nature Nights for kids have been a big hit this fall! On the second Friday every month from 6 - 8 PM, our Teacher Naturalists are leading students in nature explorations both in and outdoors. In September, long days and sunny weather made it possible for the group to canoe and even catch turtles in Will's Marsh; this is always a favorite activity! November's Nature Night will focus on bats, mysterious denizens of the night. We'll build bat houses to install at the Center, and will play Bat and Moth as we learn how bats hunt with echolocation. Children will even make their own bat puppet to bring home to mom and dad.

In December we're offering a special Holiday Nature Night to allow parents to prepare for the holidays. Drop your child off for 2 – 4 hours while you shop or decorate. Your child will enjoy an evening of adventures, crafts, and stories with our Teacher Naturalists.

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