Activity Advent Calendar

This year we are starting a new tradition – the Christmas Activity Advent Calendar. I started out by making the advent calendar from my trusty mini muffin pan and covering each opening with a magnetic circle. Each activity will be inside the muffin tin!

Materials needed:

2 Magnetic sheets (I purchased these from Hobby Lobby)

Circle Punch


Mini Muffin pan (I used a Wilton brand)

Decorative Christmas paper

Numbers 1 – 24 (I bought this super cute stamp set from Stampin Up for the advent calendar. Any fun number stickers would work like a charm though.)

The first step is to cut out circles. I used a 2 1/2 inch circle punch and simply punched out circles from the magnetic sheets and the decorative paper.

The next step is to make little magnetic sandwiches.

The first layer is the magnet, then the paper circle, a decorative shape if desired, and then the number.

Here is my finished product!

I added an extra magnet for Christmas day at the bottom of the muffin tin but it needs no specific activity.

Here are the activities I have planned for the month of December. I found these on various sites around the internet just by Googling “Activity Advent Calendar”. I plan on keeping a master list handy so I can plan for the next activity and can make changes if necessary.

The activities will simply be cut out and tucked behind each magnet.

1 Help make a snack for your preschool.

2 Bake a fun dessert for the family

3 Cut out snowflakes

4 At dinner, describe best what you love best about each family member.

5 Go shopping with mom and buy a gift for someone from the giving tree.

6 Make a gingerbread house

7 Buy new pjs for Christmas

8 Make a paper garland chain

9 Donate food to the food bank

10 Make Christmas ornaments for family

11 Help mail all the gifts to family

12 Go out for gelato

13 Decorate pinecones with pom poms

14 Have lunch with Daddy

15 Buy a new book about Christmas

16 Write a letter to Santa

17 Ride the Polar Express!

18 Make pumpkin pancakes for dinner

19 Listen to Christmas Music during dinner

20 Deliver Christmas gifts to the neighbors.

21 Christmas movie night

22 Decorate sugar cookies

23 Drive around to see the Christmas lights

24 Read the Christmas Story from the Bible

I would love to hear about any activities you would recommend for the month of December. Please leave a comment below!