Rainy Day Activities for Preschoolers

Snowy days are just around the corner and rainy days are here.  I have compiled a short list of activities that my son and I enjoy when the weather is frightful.

1.  Make Flubber, Ooblek, or Snow Paint

Here are some links to the recipes.  Find one that you already have the ingredients for and have a blast!



Snow Paint

2.  Pom – Pom Popper/Marshmallow Shooters

Go ahead and make this now because it is so much fun!  What a great and inexpensive party favor too!

3.  Yarn Baskets

A simple craft and a nice gift idea for family members.

4.  Perler Beads

These have proven to be one of my son’s favorite activities time and time again.

5.  Silly Putty

The best $1.25 you will spend (period).  My son has played with Silly Putty every day for a solid week.  He hides quarters in the putty, stretches it, makes impressions with it, and wants to play with it every hour of every day.