Halloween Games for Kids

By Amanda Reasnor at www.sandplums.com

My son and I have started hosting a Halloween party every year for his friends who range in ages from 3 to 5. The party is a potluck lunch with a few games, lots of pictures, and lots of laughs. The kids enjoy seeing each other’s costumes and the moms enjoy catching up with one another.I try to keep the games simple because kids plus sugar equal the attention span of a gnat. I also want the games to be inexpensive, easy to clean up and easy to assemble. Here are some games that worked well for us last year and some games we will play this year.

Pin the Mustache on the Skeleton:

I love the mustache craze. One of the best gifts I ever bought for my brother was a mustache mirror from SkyMall magazine . Maybe that is how I thought of this idea.

A great plastic hanging skeleton can be purchased from the Dollar Tree and you can print off a mustache template from this blog. Next, use black craft felt to make the mustaches by tracing them from the template. For adhesive, simply use double stick tape on the back of each mustache. Each child is blindfolded and placed in front of the skeleton. Once they have “pinned” the mustache, take a quick photo of them with the skeleton for a fun keepsake. A pumpkin would be a cute alternative to the skeleton.

Eyeball Spoon Relay

One again DollarTree saves the day. I bought a package of 12 ping pong balls with an eyeball painted on each one. Each child has to balance the eyeball in a spoon. This can be done as a relay race but due to the age of the kids at our party, the kids just will line up and see how far they can go without dropping the ball.

Spider Web

This is a simple and fun game for little ones. Everyone stands in a circle, alternating adult and child. A black ball of yarn is thrown across the circle. Each time the yarn is thrown; the person who catches it holds onto the yarn and throws it again. As the yarn is thrown over and over, it forms a spider web!

Ghost Hide and Seek

To prepare for this game, tie a small square of tissue paper around a lollipop and secure with a ribbon. Tadaa! You have a little ghost! I made 3 of these per child last year and each child had to find the ghosts hidden around the house. This game was a huge success. The kids played the game several more times at their homes.