DIY Felt Christmas Tree for The Kids to Decorate...and Re-Decorate...and Decorate...

Admittedly, I am sharing this cool little Christmas "find" today *a bit* early, but I couldn't resist.  Plus, I was just visiting a bunch of local stores and Christmas stuff is *everywhere* so why not?  I promise I will remind you of this cool little project in a month or so.

If you are looking for a fun (and inexpensive) way to decorate your home for the holidays why not create a felt Christmas tree (and ornaments) that will look awesome in your home and will keep the kids plenty busy when they decorate it...and re-decorate it...and so on, and so on?

Source: emptybobbinsewing.com via Lisa on Pinterest

The full instructions are right here.  Might I add that I can NOT sew and I completely depend upon iron-on fusing tape for *anything* that requires a stitch or two.  If you use the fuse, you can have the kids help create the ornaments too!  They can place the decorative pieces (dots, stripes, stars...etc..) and you can iron them on.

The reason I loved this project so much is that you can do it for *any* season.  How about a Thanksgiving felt turkey with brightly colored and decorated feathers?   How about a large Easter basket that the kids can place velcro & felt decorated eggs into?   Really, the options are unlimited for this fun & frugal felt project!

Share and enjoy!